Welcome to Jade Business Park – Life, a new feature that we hope will provide insight into the types of people and businesses you’ll find working at Jade Business Park, as well as what it’s like to work here in Murton, County Durham from the people that know it best!

Tell us about Corehaus – who you are and what you do.

We design, manufacture, and install innovative modular housing solutions. CoreHaus applies known, tried, and tested construction methodology intelligently and ingeniously to meet the growing demand for Modern Methods of Construction (MMC). We are a social enterprise and passionate about generating a positive and lasting impact on the areas in which we work

Who are the main customers / end users of your products and what is your USP?

Anyone in the housing development market with our end users coming from all walks of life, we provide high quality, affordable housing which creates a great place for people live in. Our approach which includes a standardised core and customisable finish allows all the benefits of standardisation and manufacturing whilst maintaining a high level of flexibility and choice.

How has your business adapted during the coronavirus pandemic?

We have set up during the pandemic so know nothing different, this has allowed us to adopt safe working practice and set out the correct culture from the start, clearly there are issues however including material lead times and the ever-present risk of a breakout.

How does your product impact people’s lives?

Directly, our products are modern, affordable, energy efficient and of a high-quality standard… this alone creates a brilliant environment for the end customer. Indirectly, our social value proposition positively impacts people in the local areas in which we work.

How have Business Durham supported your business?

Business Durham have been extremely helpful from day 1, they have offered sound advice, recommended networking opportunities, and put us in contact with lots of organisations in which we have developed working relationships. They also supported our application for grant funding which has been successful and allowed us to accelerate our capacity plans.

Why did you locate your business at Jade Business Park and what are the benefits?

We identified the North East as the perfect location to set up our business due to many factors however some of the key ones include:

  • Healthy labour market
  • Lack of MMC providers in the area
  • Housing development and growth plans in the region
  • Jade Business park sits in the heart of the North East and is easily accessible for transportation via main roads, the excellent rates and enterprise zone made Unit 1 a great deal for us.

What does the future hold for Corehaus?

We are establishing our capability and product over the coming months with delivery of our first units expected later in the summer, later in the year we will look to increase our pipeline and grow the business over a five-year period to manufacture 1000 homes per year

What is it like to live and work in County Durham and the wider North East?

I do have a positive bias for the region having lived locally most of my life. I believe the North East has a friendly culture with a good variety of urban/ coastal and countryside environments and has a huge potential to grow as part of the governments levelling up agenda.

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CoreHaus Managing Director Scott Bibby